Barenghi & Associati is a small boutique law firm with international capacity.

The firm is able to provide legal services at very competitive rates and tailor its work to specific needs. The principal objectives remain: to provide expert legal advice, a commercial approach to legal problem solving and a fast and responsive service.

The international experience allows us to foresee and pre-empt frequently recurring difficulties in cross-border transactions. We are able to signpost in advance potential trouble areas and hidden costs to our clients.

We pride ourselves on the clarity of our advice, which allows the overseas client to remain in full-control even if unfamiliar with Italian practice. We are experienced in working in teams of lawyers based in different offices and countries.

The firm has a network of flexible non-exclusive associations with high quality law firms in many of the principal business centres of the world, including in the UK, Germany, US. We are not restricted to one lawyer or one firm in any one jurisdiction: this allows our clients access to the best possible advice at all times.

We regularly advise in English and French and are able to correspond in German, and are assisted by mother-tongue support staff.