Andrea Barenghi is a professor of law at the Faculty of Law at the Molise University, where he holds the chair of Business Law (Diritto privato dell'economia), and also teaches the course of Consumer Law and Banking Regulations (Diritto dei consumatori e Legislazione bancaria).

He is an attorney and a member of the Rome Bar Association, with rights of audience before the highest Italian Courts.

Andrea obtained his law degree (magna cum laude) in 1990 from Rome "La Sapienza" University, where he also concluded his JSD in 1995. He completed his studies abroad as visiting researcher or as visiting scholar at

  1. Institut für ausländisches u. internationales Privat- u. Wirtschaftsrecht at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg,
    where he is still a regular visitor,

  2. Institut de droit comparé at Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II and

  3. Harvard Law School.

He was also a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Fiesole during the 1997/1998 academic year.

Before becoming a tenured professor he also regularly lectured on law at Rome "Tre" University, Urbino University, Suor Orsola Benincasa University Institute (Naples) and the Higher School of Public Administration (Rome).

In almost twenty years of professional practice Andrea Barenghi has gained valid and significant experience in contentious (including arbitration) and non-contentious civil and commercial matters, especially in the area of contracts, legal entities (associations, foundations and companies), succession, business law, product liability, consumer protection, protection of the personality of individuals and entities, procurement contracts, professional liability (particularly in the health and notarial fields), regulation of the professions, liability of directors and statutory auditors, insolvency, enforcement proceedings, copyright and patents.

He is regularly appointed in Supreme Court cases, including cases for major multinational corporations. Among many other cases, he has recently assisted a multinational oil Company in a dispute against an environmental Association; a U.S. multinational Bank against an Italian Public body in one of the largest disputes ever on liability of financial Consultants.

Among the most recent disputes that he has advised in relation to are a number of ones that stand out owing to the legal issues involved and their important economic and general implications:

  • several proceedings, interim and on the merits, regarding the protection in contract and tort of copyright and industrial property rights, including:

      • defence of an international producer, holder of rights to a film, against an Italian broadcaster who had been assigned some of said rights;

      • defence of a manufacturing company against a person claiming to have invented one of the company's products;

      • defence of an international record label against an author claiming plagiarism;

      • defence of an industrial company in the technology field against claims of patent infringement;

  • challenge to the deed of incorporation of a foundation endowed with assets of about one billion euro, a dispute whose exceptional legal and economic importance involved significant aspects of succession law, the rules governing legal persons and companies, jurisdiction, company law, procedural law and ecclesiastical law;

  • defence in the first major case under Italian law for product liability (death of a car passenger as a consequence of an accident caused by a manufacturing defect in the car);

  • defence in the most important Italian case of prior examination on the merits of contractual conditions in the banking field;

  • several proceedings involving directors and statutory auditors' liability, not only in the context of bankruptcy but also in the case of going concerns;

  • litigation involving companies and other legal persons including:

      • challenge of shareholders' meetings resolutions, including those approving financial statements;

      • capital increase resolutions;

      • challenge of transfer of equity interests violation of the pre-emption rights;

      • insolvency-related litigation, including clawback actions, opposition to bankruptcy proceedings, challenges relating to proof of claims, and actions against corporate officers;

      • several cases regarding regulation of the professions and professional liability;

      • several cases of protection of rights of personality, including honour and reputation as well as moral rights in the field of copyright.

In arbitration and ADR in general, besides advising in relation to various disciplinary proceedings for organisations and sporting bodies and conducting research in that field, he has been involved in many arbitration proceedings, in some cases of extreme relevance due to the size of the economic interests and the importance of the issues at stake.
He was member of the committee of experts set up by the Ministry of Justice pursuant to article 3, paragraph 3, of Ministerial Decree No. 222 of 23 July 2004.
Since 2010 he has been member of the Arbitral Tribunal for banking and financial disputes ( set up by the Bank of Italy pursuant to art. 128-bis (ADR) of the Presidential Decree 385/1003 on Banking.
Since 2010 he has been on the list of arbitral tribunal chairmen kept by the arbitration chamber of the Authority for Public Contracts (
Since 2002 he has been on the list of arbitral tribunal chairmen kept by the arbitration chamber of the Commission of the Agents of the Italian Football Association.
Since 2007 he has been member of the National Appeals Commission of the Italian Football Federation.
From 2004 to 2007 he was member - as a regular judge – of the National Adjudicatory Commission of the Italian Athletics Federation.
He has on various occasions been appointed as a member of examination commissions for public competitions (INAIL, ATER of the City of Rome) and for Rome Bar exams.
He has authored a book on the ex post facto determination of the object of contracts (2005) and a volume of writings on contracts (2008). He is also the editor and co-author of a commentary on the Italian law governing unfair terms (1996).
He has also published numerous essays, articles and notes in collective works and in the foremost Italian legal journals (Rivista di diritto civile, Banca, borsa e titoli di credito, Giurisprudenza italiana, Il Foro italiano, Il corriere giuridico, Il diritto dell'informazione e dell'informatica) on, inter alia, contract law, ADR, software protection, tort, consumer protection, right to publicity, protection of software, which have been reviewed and cited on numerous occasions in Italian and foreign legal literature.
He is member of the editorial committee of the law review Consumatori, diritti & mercato, directed by Francesco Silva.

Some of his publications:

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